Annnnnnnnnnnd that’s a wrap on our youth summer kids Crossfit classes!!!!!!!!! We had SO much fun! THANK YOU so much for letting your kids spend their summer with us and letting us start their building blocks to be the best athlete they can be!

Our fall classes start on Tuesday September 2nd!
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AFAA personal Fitness Trainer Certification


This three-day personal trainer certification includes lecture and practical demonstration, followed by written and practical exams. The course objectives are consistent with those of the National Board of Fitness Examiners.

To register please call 1 (800) 225-2322 or visit

September 12-14, 2014


What it Means to be A Mac Kid


Erin, Gabe, and Abi shared with Mac Fitness what it meant to be a Mac Kid! They are in here training with their friends during the week. Bring your kid to a fun environment where they will not only work on agility training, but also make lots of friends and memories. We have available classes for almost any age group!

Erin- ” I like playing dodge ball and working hard.”

Abi- I like to run 400 m because I get faster, and I made alot of friends here. This helps me get stronger for gymnastics and softball.”

Gabe- “It makes me feel good because I can come train in a fun place so i can get better at baseball, football, and wrestling.”


2014 GetFit Challenge

The 2014 GetFit Challenge has officially started for the year. This year we have 15 teams competing in the challenge and so far we are off to a great start!

Teams Competing:

In it to Thin It

Booty Busters

Team W.O.W

Team Phil-Fat Commanders

To Unfit to Quit

Mighty Moms

3 Thorns & a Rose

Fostering Fitness

Slim Sheddy

Waist Management

Stop Drop & Squat

Team Snatch

Power Mamas

Bomb Diggities

Quatro Shrinko


February First was the second challenge of the competition. Teams were to hold weighted plates, perform mt. climbers, hold planks, and even had some hand eye coordination involved with the workout! Our staff cant wait to see the other teams Monday for the make up challenge. Till then here are some pictures from the second challenge today, enjoy!




Pittsburg Native, Christian Lovell received his Pro Muscle Model Card in Kansas City last month at the US Central Championships. This Qualifies him to compete on the biggest stage in the world at the WORLDS competition in Las Vegas. He is currently looking to find sponsorship from business in Pittsburg so that he able to remain local and not have to move to gain sponsors. In his free time he is the head weight room trainer and MAC Fitness and a full time student in the PSU Business Department. Help your home town boy make it to VEGAS and represent SEK! If you have any questions about sponsorship, please contact us!